May 20, 2011

Orange Glow

I absolutely love this look… I felt sooo pretty, lol.  

I had a few products around that I hadn’t used so I thought that was cause enough for a tutorial… I wanted the main focus to be the glow of the look.  I normally wear mattes with a slight shimmer but never this much, however after creating this I will definitely incorporate more shimmer into my looks. 



Now that I’m sitting here going through the product list, I have a “MAC” eye.  Everything I used was from MAC, I started out with Malt on my entire lid and brow bone.  Malt is a very creamy matte subtle pink.  Next I took Brash, this one was in the Cult of Cherry collection, and blended the crease.  This one is very similar to Coppering not quite a dupe but very similar, Brash is more pink versus Coppering is more red.  Under the eye I used brash again, sweeping that under the lash line. I then used Espresso, a matte brown, right at the lash just to ground the look. Followed by mascara and false lashes… the eyes are done.

The “meat” of the look is the blush and highlight…. I felt like such a dork because I got so excited when I took the pics and was just overjoyed with the outcome.  I used NYX Golden Orange and Orange Eyeshadow and NARS Exhibit A for blush, and a matte burgundy for my contour.  I just kept mixing Golden Orange, Orange and Exhibit A until I got the look I wanted. I then took Golden Orange and blended that as my highlight… I am definitely going to experiment with the shimmery shadows that I stray away from and use them as highlights….

That’s the look in a nutshell…

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